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How to return the bicycles in Santiago de Compostela?

Many pilgrims ask us about how to return the bikes in Santiago de Compostela, and although it's been discussed many times in our Frequently Asked Questions, we're going to clarify it with a new article on our Blog. Cycling the Camino is a company in Santiago...

Which E-MTB do I choose for my Camino?

The 2024 season begins with many new features and one of them is the new option for E-MTB model e-bikes for the Camino de Santiago. At Cycling the Camino, we have decided to provide several options to please to all types of pilgrims, but how to choose...

How far in advance do I book my bike?

It is usually one of the questions that most frequently comes to our e-mail. Although it is true that we have a lot of availability of bicycles, mainly MTB Standard and Premium, is no less true than having a slightly more limited Gravel fleet and, fundamentally,...

Preparing the groups of cyclists of 2023?

The end of the incredible 2022 season has come, with a double Xacobeo Year (21-22), but without rest we are already preparing the year of the Camino de Santiago by bicycle of 2023. Surely the Camino is the type of pilgrimage in which What greater degree...

Season 2024 bicycle deliveries

After the Xacobeo 2022, we are noticing that many things are no longer as in the past. There are many very positive things, there are many more people getting to know the spirituality of the Camino, learning about the history of our country, the cultural...

What does I AM A CYCLIST mean in the reservation process?

In our desire to offer maximum comfort to pilgrims who complete the Camino de Santiago by bicycle, we have added an option called I AM A CYCLIST in the bicycle reservation process. We have done it because we detect that, more and more, the mechanical...

Manteinance and Assistance

At Cycling the Camino we have a team and collaborators who ensure that the bicycle pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is peaceful and that our pilgrims focus their energies on the daily effort of pedalling. Our bicycles are always delivered prepared...

Groups of pilgrims by bicycle

Doing the Camino de Santiago in a group by bicycle, be it friends, an association, an agency group, etc., is one of the things that we treat with extreme care at Cycling the Camino for many reasons. The first is that we like to remind everyone that the...

How long does the battery last for E-bikes?

One of the big questions that pilgrims ask us about E-Bikes is their autonomy, battery capacity and duration. Well, we are going to deal with that topic in this little blog post. According to the manufacturer Shimano, the durations of the battery, as...

What type of tires do the bicycles have in Cycling the Camino?

It must be borne in mind that the Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage that, in its classic route, covers almost all sections on dirt tracks. It is evident that we cannot put ourselves in the minds of each one of the pilgrims and their planning of the stages....
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