Why is it not possible to deliver bicycles to an apartment or hostel on upper floors?

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Why is it not possible to deliver bicycles to an apartment or hostel on upper floors?


We are sure that pilgrims, when they make a reservation with Cycling the Camino, do not think about all the work behind it, and that is normal. But until the bicycles reach the starting point, everything has a process that we always try to make as professional as possible so that the bicycles arrive in the best condition. The mechanical part is our thing, handled by our professional team of mechanics and assistants, but the logistics part is also very important to ensure everything arrives in the best condition and on time.

And it is precisely the logistics that can cause the most headaches for both Cycling the Camino and the pilgrims. A problem we had in the past was the timing and route before deliveries, but today, we have established a 10-day margin to avoid failures. That is to say, at Cycling the Camino, last-minute bookings are very difficult as sending bicycles on time, over 500 km away, requires preparation, transit, and delivery time that cannot be resolved in one day. The website will never allow bookings with less than 10 days in advance, so please keep this in mind when planning your Camino.

Moreover, the proliferation of tourist apartments, Airbnb, and hostels has further complicated the process. We always recommend that the first stage, at least for the reception of the bicycles, be in hotels/hostels that meet two conditions:

  1. They have a reception during the day
  2. They are at street level.

We do not do this on a whim; we recommend it to facilitate the complicated delivery process. Pilgrims should keep in mind that all bicycles are in Santiago de Compostela and from there, they go to the starting point, in most cases in collaboration with a transport company (MRW). This means that from the moment the bicycle leaves Cycling the Camino, we lose control over it, both in handling and delivery times, and that is why we inform very clearly about the processes and conditions set by the transport company during deliveries:

  • It can be at any time of the day between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm.
  • The pilgrim is never called to arrange a delivery time. Drivers are not allowed to do so.
  • Bicycles are not taken to upper floors; deliveries are only made at street level.
  • The accommodation must be informed about the arrival of the bicycles in their name. Cycling the Camino never contacts the clients' accommodations. Please note that if they are rejected, they will have to be picked up at the transport company’s offices in the city (if there are any, or at the franchise associated with your postal code), always within their hours. It is not possible to arrange a second delivery, in any case.

We strongly urge you to read and follow these rules and advice so that the entire process runs smoothly and your pilgrimage to Santiago is everything you expected when you found us and hired our bicycle rental service.

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