Terms and conditions

Cycling the Camino is a bicycle rental company specialized for the most part in the Camino de Santiago but also in many other biking adventure routes. Besides supplying bicycles, we also offer a complete range of bicycle equipment solutions and services conceived to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

Booking provisions

Wherever employed herein, the terms “Company,” “we,” “us” and “our” refer exclusively to Cycling the Camino, the term “equipment” refers to any material or accessories supplied by Cycling the Camino and the term “customer” refers to you, the person who rents bicycles, equipment and/or services provided by us or to any other third party on whose behalf you agree to make the booking.

Please be aware that your booking is accepted based on the assumption that you have read, understood and agreed to all our terms and conditions (set out below). Please read them carefully.

Furthermore, please note that your booking is accepted on the assumption that you fully understand the risks and hazards inherent to cycling activities. It is entirely your responsibility to cycle with due care and attention at all times.


All bookings must be made online through our website cyclingthecamino.com

After registering, customers will be presented with our comprehensive range of products, services and special offers to choose from. At the end of the booking process, customers will be prompted to choose a payment method, either using their credit card.

Failure to pay by the due date will result in the customer effectively forfeiting any payments already made, the automatic cancellation of the booking and the immediate re-availability in our online system of the unpaid services for any other customers to rent.

If you have any doubts or queries about our booking process, we´ll be delighted to help you, so please don’t hesitate to call us on +34 881 97 99 62 e-mail us at info@cyclingthecamino.com


We DO NOT require a deposit for regular MTB bikes. We place our utmost trust in our customers. We don’t have a reason not to. We ask a €300 deposit for E-BIKES that will be blocked on your credit card.


Once a booking has been paid in full, a refund of 80% of the total amount paid will apply to any cancellations made 10 or more days prior to the commencement date of the booking, although any additional bank fees we may incur during the course of the devolution process will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Please be aware that no amount taken on advance bookings will be refunded in the event of the customer cancelling after 10 days prior to the commencement date of the booking.

Furthermore, in the event that the agreed rental period is curtailed by the customer, please note that no monies will be refunded for partially-used bookings.

Receiving your bicycle

Prior to shipping, all our bikes go through a rigorous inspection and maintenance process, which includes cleaning, mending, oiling and safety checking.

We ship all our bicycles already assembled and appropriately packed using special fit-for-purpose packing cases.

There are only 2 straightforward tasks you must perform upon receipt of your bicycle:

  • Realign the handlebar so that it is at a right angle with the stem and the front wheel and the disc brake on the left. Needless to say, the appropriate Allen key is provided.
  • Screw the pedals back on. To facilitate this, pedals come colour-coded (green = right | orange = left).
  • To assist you with this matter, a useful guide documenting step-by-step how to better complete these two simple tasks is also provided. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on +34 881 97 99 62 (English spoken).

Repair Works

The Way to Santiago is a demanding enterprise for both cyclist and bicycle. Although we are confident that our bikes and equipment can endure even the most challenging of journeys, accidents do happen. Should your bike become significantly faulty or suffer any kind of large damage, do not despair, we are here to help. Please, call us on +34 881 97 99 62 between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm (English spoken) and we will use all the resources at our disposal to find the closest repair centre to your location. We will contact the mechanics on your behalf, describe the problem to them in detail (removing the language barrier) and note all the solutions offered as well as estimated repair times and total repair charges. Once we have all the relevant information, we will contact you again and help you to choose the most satisfactory solution.

It is important that you understand hereby that it will be your solely responsibility to cover any costs that may arise from the repair process. Once the repair work is completed and upon payment, always asks for a detailed invoice, specifying the amounts charged for parts and labour and inclusive of VAT tax (called IVA in Spanish).

Please note that the company will not be liable under any circumstances for any repair works once our equipment is put on the road by you. It is your responsibility to examine the condition of the bicycle and equipment allocated to you and bring to our attention any possible faults or damage that you may observe. We also recommend that you test-ride your bicycle before beginning your journey.

Bicycle maintenance

Due to the diverse nature of the many roads found in the Camino as well as the changing weather conditions, riders are bound to come across mud, rain, heavy dust, frost and other foul conditions that can potentially affect the bicycle pretty badly.

The great majority of our customers understand that it is in their own best interest to take good care of the bike (and equipment), so that its performance won’t be hindered and to avoid unnecessary damage.

As such, we would like to encourage you to rinse the bike off using just clean water at the end of each day and then leave it to dry and if possible, wipe it down with a dry cloth to eliminate any remaining damp spots.

The daily observance of this basic maintenance routine will go a long way towards reducing the risk of damage or component failure and keeping your bicycle in tiptop condition.

Please DO NOT apply oil, grease or lubricants before cleaning up the bike or on top of a mud, grime or dirt layer. It is contrary to best practice and it causes the moving parts of the bicycle to deteriorate, potentially forcing them to seize or malfunction. It could also affect the efficiency and behaviour of vital bicycle elements like the breaks or the gear shift.

Please be aware that as part of our Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that the bicycle (and any other rented equipment) assigned to you is in proper working condition and you agree to return it in that same condition, or to compensate the Company with the funds required to restore the bicycle back to its initial condition.

Arriving in Santiago

Congratulations!! You have finally arrived at your destination: Santiago de Compostela!! Soak up the atmosphere as you wander around, enjoy the sights, sample the local delicacies, bask in the feeling of a job well done and when you are ready, please take a moment to return your bike to us. Our drop-off point is located at our Head Office, but worry not, since we're conveniently located in Santiago’s city centre, just a short walk away from the Cathedral. Alternatively, we can collect the bike from your hotel in Santiago if you so choose; the cost of this service is €30 per bicycle and it will be charged to the credit card used at the time of booking.

Please note that no monies will be refunded in the event of no-show, non-taking up of the rented equipment, customers arriving in Santiago earlier than anticipated, or any other circumstance on the part of the customer resulting in the curtailing of the agreed rental period.

If in doubt about what daily mileage you should attempt, how to break down your trip into daily stages, which route you should follow or any other queries you may have, please ring us on +34 881 97 99 62 or e-mail us at info@cyclingthecamino.com and we’ll respond to your queries with knowledgeable and helpful advice. Please remember that our goal is to give you the best possible service so that you can enjoy your bicycle trip.

Important and useful tips about panniers

Each one of our bikes comes fitted with a pannier rack and panniers as standard equipment. The panniers we provide can hold up to 15kgs. When packing your panniers, it is strongly recommended that you organize and categorize your belongings, carry only what you are going to use (golden rule), protect sensitive articles and balance the weight. Ideally, you should start your trip with roughly half a pannier’s worth of empty room, so you can store more items as the days go by. But please bear in mind that filling your panniers to the brim may result in zippers breaking or damage to the pannier.


  • Theft or loss of bicycle: Coluer Standard €650 | BMC Premium 1.200€ | Gravel 1.200€ | Ebike 2.000€
  • Theft, damage or loss of panniers: €50
  • Theft, damage or loss of helmet: €15
  • Theft, damage or loss of tool kit: €15
  • Theft, damage or loss of bicycle lock: €15
  • Theft, damage or loss of handlebar bag: €15
  • Theft, damage or loss of saddle gel cover: €15
  • Late return fee Coluer: €23 per each day that the customer exceeds the return date stated in the booking agreement.
  • Late return fee BMC: €30 per each day that the customer exceeds the return date stated in the booking agreement.
  • Late return fee Gravel: €30 per each day that the customer exceeds the return date stated in the booking agreement.
  • Late return fee E-BIKES: €50 per each day that the customer exceeds the return date stated in the booking agreement.
  • Bicycle collection at customer’s hotel: €30

Ebikes surcharges

  • Theft or loss of Ebike: 2.000€
  • Theft, damage or loss of battery and charger: 300€
  • Theft, damage or loss of LCD screen: 300€
  • Theft, damage or loss of key: 200€
  • Damage or scratches of frame: 250€
  • Damage on wires: 200€
  • Leave the E-bike in your hotel, not in Cycling the Camino: 300€

We'll send 3 pictures before the shipping to check how the Ebike is, and we'll check the bike at your arrival to Cycling the Camino. If something is wrong the client must pay the surcharge.

Additional services

Are you planning to carry around your heavy luggage day after day throughout the whole journey to Santiago? Now you don’t need to, we offer a baggage storage and safekeeping service. Give your legs a break and enjoy your itinerary in the knowledge that your belongings are being kept safe and waiting for you to arrive.

Our partner courier company will collect your luggage from your hotel on the day after you check out. All you have to do is tag your luggage with the pertinent label that comes enclosed with your bike. Alternatively, you can download the relevant form from our website and attach it to your baggage with our address on it.

The cost of this service depends of the total added weight of your baggage (approx. €3/kg) plus the length of the storage period (3€/day). Please note that the above mentioned rates are inclusive of delivery charges. Storage charges start accruing on the day your baggage is delivered to us. Charges are to be settled upon collection of the baggage by the customer.

Have you arrived in Santiago riding your own bicycle and now you want to have it safely returned to your residence? No problem, we provide an affordable door-to-door bike forwarding service. We can ship your bike to virtually anywhere in Europe. Whether you want to have it shipped to Central Europe (from €99, all inclusive) or to the Northern European countries (from €119, all inclusive), we have you covered. You can go back home by any other means of transport with the peace of mind of knowing that your bicycle will be promptly delivered to your doorstep. Book with us today and let us take care of your bicycle.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply when a booking is made with Cycling the Camino:

The company, its employees and sales representatives shall not be liable for any personal injuries, property damage, monetary loss or delays suffered by any individual arising from any act of negligence perpetrated by any customer or other third party availing of any of the services or products being offered in these rentals. Moreover, Cycling the Camino shall not be liable for any physical injuries, casualties, loss, damage, or postponements caused by any events beyond the actual control of the company.

Customers hereby agree to follow at their own risk any of the recommendations given by Cycling the Camino, its employees or sales representatives, exercising due care in safeguarding their personal safety and their own property. Furthermore, customers agree not to hold the company responsible for injury or death resulting from accidents.

Cycling the Camino fervently recommends the use of approved helmets whenever using one of our bicycles.

Cycling the Camino will make every effort to ensure that all the bicycles and any other additional equipment being provided in these rentals are in satisfactory operating condition and consistently customers agree to bring any faults or defects to the attention of a company agent or otherwise use our equipment at their own risk.

Instruction on how to use a bicycle shall not be imparted and by availing of our bicycle rental services, customers acknowledge that they are familiar with the use and functionality of a multi-gear bicycle.