How to return the bicycles in Santiago de Compostela?

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How to return the bicycles in Santiago de Compostela?


Many pilgrims ask us about how to return the bikes in Santiago de Compostela, and although it's been discussed many times in our Frequently Asked Questions, we're going to clarify it with a new article on our Blog. Cycling the Camino is a company in Santiago de Compostela located in the city center. All the bikes are in our shop from where we manage all the logistics for the Camino de Santiago routes, whether to France, Portugal, or of course, Spain. The downside is that reservations need to be made several days in advance, as transit requires that margin of time. However, the upside is the convenience of the drop-off at the end of the Camino, as they are left at our shop located just above the train and bus stations. The new intermodal station in Santiago de Compostela, from where the bus to the airport also departs. Everything is very easy.

If we pinpoint our location on the map, we are less than a 5-minute bike ride from the Cathedral of Santiago (, in a straight line between our Cathedral, Plaza de Galicia, and towards the train station. Sometimes Google Maps misleads with the route it suggests, as it interprets that the best way is to go around the city to reach Cycling the Camino, but that's not the case. If you come straight, you will arrive very soon at our bike rental shop.

Our hours during the week are from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm and from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Within those hours, you can come to drop off or pick up bikes. But what happens when it's a local holiday or national holiday? We adapt to you. Since we have WhatsApp active (+34 660 315 173), if the return is during the weekend (or holidays), you must notify us 45 minutes before arriving at the store via text message, and we will meet you there. Regardless of the time, we ask that you be punctual since we are closed and will only come for you. We will never make you wait, so we will expedite the drop-off as much as possible so you have free time.

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