How far in advance do I book my bike?

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How far in advance do I book my bike?


It is usually one of the questions that most frequently comes to our e-mail. Although it is true that we have a lot of availability of bicycles, mainly MTB Standard and Premium, is no less true than having a slightly more limited Gravel fleet and, fundamentally, of assistance bicycles (electric), makes these the ones that have the greatest urgency when it comes to reserve. But how far in advance? It is difficult to answer exactly this question, but since Cycling the Camino we would recommend doing it as soon as you have the tickets and have decided to travel with us. The most demanded sizes They are usually S (1.60m to 1.72m) and M (1.73m to 1.81m), in fact it is one of the ones with the largest number, but they are also the first that run out

As a general rule, we could say that MTB bikes are not in a hurry when completing the reservation and payment, which is the only way to ensure availability, but Gravel and E-MTBs should be given priority. Of course, if they make a simulation in the web system and gives them the availability, it is because there are for their height and dates. Remember that once the process, they can save the reservation WITHOUT PAYING, and the bicycles will be blocked (and their availability assured) for 5 days. When there are 24 hours left for that period of time to elapse, a notice is generated with the direct link to the payment, and if the the reservation expires and that is when the bicycles become free again in the system. If you would like to start the process over, it is it may no longer have availability in your size or dates, if someone has anticipated it.

One last thing that many pilgrims ask us is about the notices that appear for the minimum period of days of bicycle reservation. In the case of E-MTBs, they are 7 days (or their full price = €305.20) and they must end up in our store in Santiago de Compostela; in the case of Premium or Gravel MTBs it is 5 days, and in the case of Standard MTBs 3 days. These conditions are based on the quality of the material and the maintenance costs, with the aim of renting the bicycles always in the best condition, and it is for this is why we do not make exceptions.

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