Which E-MTB do I choose for my Camino?

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Which E-MTB do I choose for my Camino?


The 2024 season begins with many new features and one of them is the new option for E-MTB model e-bikes for the Camino de Santiago. At Cycling the Camino, we have decided to provide several options to please to all types of pilgrims, but how to choose the best E-MTB for my Camino de Santiago?

Well, we have been working with the Kross brand for many years, which assembles Shimano Steps E-7000 batteries and motors, and It must be said that we are very happy with the reliability they have demonstrated all this time. With a battery of 500Wh have never had any problem completing the hard stages of the race with a single charge. Camino de Santiago by bicycle, covering between 70-90km with good management of the gears and the powers. But it is true that, more and more, we see pilgrims who want to cover nearby stages or more than 100kms, due to lack of time, and then a single charge per day on our Kross would be insufficient. For this reason, we reached an agreement with the German brand Focus, which supplies us E-MTB with batteries of 625Wh that drive a 4th generation Bosch Performance CX engine, and that reach ranges of 110-130kms if we drive correct gear/power ratio.

But which one do I choose for the Camino de Santiago?

Both are reliable bicycles, which we maintain exhaustively and meticulously, and which we deliver in the best conditions, so this should not be a critical point when making a decision. From Cycling the Camino we recommend preparing the stages well and deciding on the bicycle based on the kilometers you want pedal. For stages with distances below 70km/day we would recommend the Kross E-MTB, while for stages close to 100km/day we would opt for the E-MTB Focus. Basically because of the size of the battery. For this reason, the batteries are integrated. It is true that they can be removed, but we do not provide the key because, being so large, they are difficult to reinsert.

But there is also a second variable, since because they have different characteristics we have established prices different, the E-MTB Kross being significantly more economical than the E-MTB Focus. And, evidently, this factor already It depends on what each person wants to invest in renting e-bikes. As always, you can calculate the price at the website without obligation, but always reaching the last step where shipping costs are charged (to the starting point and/or final), and taking into account that the minimum reservation for electric bicycles is 7 days (or its price).

Now everything depends on you, but don't forget that at Cycling the Camino we are here to help you with all your questions about bicycles and the Camino de Santiago by bicycle. We have a lot of experience and we do know the answer we will give it to you.

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