What does I AM A CYCLIST mean in the reservation process?

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What does I AM A CYCLIST mean in the reservation process?


In our desire to offer maximum comfort to pilgrims who complete the Camino de Santiago by bicycle, we have added an option called I AM A CYCLIST in the bicycle reservation process. We have done it because we detect that, more and more, the mechanical knowledge of our clients increases and on many occasions, a small tool such as a chain wrench and a link, can avoid a stoppage and have to wait for Assistance to transfer to a workshop. .

It is true that not all pilgrims know how to use these tools (and it is not necessary either), but having them can help to solve a problem in a simple way as long as they know how to use them. Does this save money or cost more? No, it does not affect the price, but as we say it can provide a quick solution.

What happens if I select I AM A CYCLIST? Well, in the tool kit you will receive all the common material: Allen multifunction wrench, 15" pedal wrench, extra tube, removable keys, patch kit and padlock, and also, a bottle of oil, the chain rivet extractor (wrench) and a link. And what if I don't select it, nothing, you will receive the usual toolkit.

Why don't we send it to everyone? Well, as we mentioned before, it is useless to have certain tools if you do not know how to use them, so we prefer, in case of problems (very rare to have them), direct them to a professional workshop so that they can continue their route normally.

But rest assured, at Cycling the Camino we will never leave you stranded. Regardless of hiring Assistance or not, we will find an optimal solution if you have any type of breakdown or a fall in which technical problems arise.

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