Preparing the groups of cyclists of 2023?

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Preparing the groups of cyclists of 2023?


The end of the incredible 2022 season has come, with a double Xacobeo Year (21-22), but without rest we are already preparing the year of the Camino de Santiago by bicycle of 2023. Surely the Camino is the type of pilgrimage in which What greater degree of improvisation can be done. When traveling alone, pedaling throughout the day and stop at the place you want to rest or, simply, make a cultural visit, it is a very good option, but when the Camino de Santiago is done in a group, it is not that simple.

It is true that the French Way is very prepared for it, but the reality is that for the rest of the Ways, improvisation in the case of groups it is a chimera. That is why, given the number of requests we are receiving, we are recommending starting the process of quotes and inquiries about availability, both of the bicycles and of the accommodations. It is known to all our clients that the work of Cycling the Camino is limited to renting bicycles and everything related to the management of these, but it is true that we work with almost all the travel agencies specialized in the other complementary services on the Camino de Santiago (accommodation, luggage transport, guided tours,...), so If at any time they need any of these services, we could put them in contact with them so that they can complete the set of services to have a pilgrimage en route with complete peace of mind. In addition, these travel agencies are of all parts of the World: Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland or Italy, to name a few.

Regarding the organization of groups of pilgrims on bicycles, we think it is important to make some recommendations to the planning time. First of all, we do not recommend groups larger than 20 bikes where you are not sure that the level of cycling is not even. It must be taken into account that the Camino de Santiago by bicycle is hard and not everyone is prepared to face it with the same level. The image of some pilgrims waiting for others is very common and said image may discourage some of the group.

Secondly, prior training is important. We repeat, the Camino is hard in many sections and it is convenient to have a series of kilometers in the legs to make sure that we are going to achieve the objective of enjoying it and reaching Santiago without further news. Thirdly, respect the traffic regulations in Spain when taking the road that is share with cars. And finally, respect the pilgrims who walk. Doing it on a bicycle and faster does not mean that be a competition, not a race either. Just as cars are asked to respect cyclists, we must do the same us with those who do the Camino de Santiago on foot.

To finish this little article, remember that we are at your disposal for recommendations, budgets or whatever, in the email and in our WhatsApp +34 660 315 173 (in Spanish time GMT +1).

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