Groups of pilgrims by bicycle

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Groups of pilgrims by bicycle


Doing the Camino de Santiago in a group by bicycle, be it friends, an association, an agency group, etc., is one of the things that we treat with extreme care at Cycling the Camino for many reasons. The first is that we like to remind everyone that the Camino de Santiago is a demanding pilgrimage route physically and in some parts very hard mentally. That is why when the groups are large, we are talking about more than 10 people, they must take into account that not everyone is going to go at the same pace every day, since it is very difficult for them to be at the same level of physical preparation.

We always recommend making good planning for each stage, without needing to be something professional, they should do a series of checkpoints or regrouping to see how all the components are doing and, if anyone has a better physical shape or is a regular cyclist, take charge to act as a "pilgrim broom" to be able to support the pilgrim who has the worst time.

It is also important to remember certain things inherent to the pilgrimage along the Caminos de Santiago. The first and most important is that the Camino is not a cycling competition, for that there are other more appropriate tests; it is necessary to respect the pilgrims who go on foot and facilitate their path, circulating with caution in the shared sections and without abusing the speed so as not to cause risky actions. Ring the bell if necessary. On the other hand, you have to remember the traffic rules when traveling on roads, using the hard shoulder when possible and trying not to invade the asphalt if you can avoid it. On the road, be focused on pedaling without chatting with colleagues, since although respect for cyclists has improved a lot, in the situation of a car against a cyclist, the cyclist will always lose.

At Cycling the Camino, we support groups of pilgrim cyclists, but we want to remember that we only rent bicycles, we do not provide complementary services such as luggage transfer between stages or support car. These services must be contracted separately or from a travel agency that is the licensed operator for combined services. Of course, we have a series of collaborating travel agencies (“partners”), which can help you complete everything you need.

As our website is designed for reservations of up to 15 bicycles, if there are more pilgrims, send us an email to, and we will coordinate both the group and the budgets based on the final number. Good Holy Year 2022.

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